Dean's Message
Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Dean's Message

Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which has a fundamental place under the roof of our University, was founded in 1997 when Beykent University opened its doors.

Our strong academic staff is the key factor for our graduates to have a decent education and capability to compete in today’s world. Our academic staff, who follow the recent developments in their fields of expertise and have effective communication skills as well as a strong sense of duty and a high research experience, enable academic Programmes to be run effectively. Our vision is to provide students with not only the fundamental vocational knowledge but also the ethical sensitivity which is in high demand in today’s world.

Beykent University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences contributes to fundamental sciences with its nine departments: 

  1. English Language and Literature
  2. Mathematics
  3. Translation and Interpreting (English)
  4. Translation and Interpreting (Russian)
  5. Psychology
  6. Sociology (Turkish)
  7. Sociology (English)
  8. History
  9. Turkish Language and Literature

Medium of instruction is English in four of our Departments: Sociology (English), Translation and Interpreting (Russian), Translation and Interpreting (English), English Language and Literature. Faculty of Arts and Sciences with its Turkish and English departments aims at educating students who are aware of the universal standards and who have humanitarian, nationalistic and democratic values. With its vision of becoming a prominent and strong faculty, Beykent University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences develops itself to teach students who are enterprising, active and well-equipped for the necessities of the age of science and technology.

Our faculty provides not only the opportunities of Double Major, Minor and Erasmus student exchange programme but also student societies to enable students improve themselves. Our Faculty also offers options for traineeship and participating in social projects. Our students grow from both vocational education and dynamic academic environment. 

We, as the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, are justifiably proud of the fact that our graduates work successfully in public and private sectors, educational institutions, business world, and international institutions.

Prof. Metin AYIŞIĞI
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences