A Message from the Head of Department
Faculty of Arts and Sciences

A Message from the Head of Department

Sociology is both a theoretical and applied science that examines social institutions, relationships, interactions, change, and transformation. In today's world, the social, economic and cultural changes have accelerated and the importance of sociology as a science has increased. The fields of interest and research of the sociology department, which aims to examine, understand and interpret societies in the changing world, embrace a range of topics from urban to rural regions, from family to societies, from inequality to social justice, from bureaucratic to economic activity, from new communication technologies to new social networks, and from personal space relations to public space encounters. The Department of Sociology aims to provide students with analytical and critical thinking and research skills.

Students who graduate from this department are employed by various organizations such as the State Planning Organization, Turkish Statistical Institute, and Development Agencies. They can work in the public sector, such as the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as well as in the private sector such as research companies, the media, advertising, and human resources. They can also work as experts and consultants in local and international independent organisations (United Nations, ILO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO, etc.). 


Assist. Prof. Burak KESGİN

Head of Department