Faculty of Arts and Sciences

A Message from the Head of Department

Founded in 1997, the English Department operates within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Institute of Graduate Studies. 

The Department offers its students an elite program in languages and literary studies that aims at equipping them with the necessary theoretical and practical information and knowledge in the fields of old and modern English Literature. All courses offered emphasize the development of communication skills, intellectual growth, critical thinking and life-long learning.

The language of the program is mainly English, with four courses offered in a foreign Language, and few non-area courses offered in Turkish.

English preparatory school is mandatory; and failing to pass the preparatory school necessitates repeating another year there.

Upon graduation, graduates may work in a variety of careers in areas such as language teaching, tourism industry, banking, translation and editorship in publishing houses and in many more venues where language and critical skills are needed.


Prof. Visam MANSUR
Head of Department