Programme Outputs
Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Programme Outputs

  1. Explain the complexity of language as a communication system shaped by cognitive, biological, cultural, and social factors.


  2. Display familiarity with major literary works, genres, periods, and critical approaches to British, American, and World Literature.


  3. Identify literary techniques and creative uses of language in literary texts.


  4. Compare more than one text or medium or historical period.


  5. Apply relevant theoretical concepts to literary or other texts to enhance critical thinking skills.


  6. Apply information technology (IT) skills in the research and writing processes.


  7. Write research projects and any other assignments based on ethical research values and proper academic conduct.


  8. Display skills in working independently or in a team.


  9. Develop skills of life-long learning.


  10. Read at least one European Language other than English (European Language Portfolio B1 Level).


  11. Correlate literary studies with the glocal issues to raise critical awareness of such social subjects.