Programme Outcomes
Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Programme Outcomes

1. One has basic theoretical and applied knowledge and experience related to the discipline of sociology, the ability to apply this accumulation with applied methods and techniques in own field. (FEDEK I)

2. One has the ability to detect, understand, interpret a social process, event and phenomenon and produce solution policies with contemporary methods; in this purpose one have the ability to select and apply suitable research methods, techniques, analysis, approaches and models. (FEDEK II)

3. One has ability to understand, interpret a social process, event and phenomenon and produce solution policies with contemporary methods. (FEDEK III)

4. When one examines and interprets a social process, event and phenomenon, one can use from other disciplines besides sociology.(FEDEK IV)

5. One has ability to prepare research proposal and plan, carry out the research within the framework of ethical rules, write conclusion report by evaluating the data and use necessary contemporary information technologies for these processes. (FEDEK V, VI)

6. One has ability to use theoretical and applied knowledge in sociology field and use them effectively in individual and\or ın group activities by distinguishing the basic sociological problems.  (FEDEK VII)

7.One has ability verbal and written communication skills in Turkish and English effectively with the knowledge and skills provided by the readings, presentations, assignments, thesis and scientific activities during to sociology education. (FEDEK VIII)         

8. One has ability to transform the knowledge gained in their education life into projects and activities in her professional life, evaluate critically and monitor developments in science and technology by gaining lifelong learning skills.(FEDEK IX)

9. One knows necessary ethical rules while one is in working life, carrying out research, analysing and sharing the data and behaves in accordance with scientific ethical principles.  (FEDEK X)

10.One has awareness about social, environmental, legal and cultural effects of the studies with the theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of sociology to be carried out by public, civil and private institutions.  (FEDEK XI)

11. One has consciousness and awareness about gaining the knowledge, equipment and competence that will be meet the expectations of the labour and job market with gaining knowledge in the field of sociology. (FEDEK I, II, V, VII, XI)