Faculty of Arts and Sciences


It is compulsory for English Translation and Interpreting students to complete an internship course of 5 ECTS. The internship period lasts 20 working days. 

The following are acceptable institutions/organisations for internship: public and private banks (e.g. İstanbul Stock Exchange Market (BİST), The Central Bank of Turkey, Ziraat Bank, İş Bank), intermediaries and institutions dealing with stocks and securities, PR departments of private companies, Anadolu Ajansı (Anatolian Press Agency), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TRT, private TV channels, translation offices, embassies, hotels, and tourism agencies. 

Students themselves are responsible for finding and obtaining the approval of the institution/organisation where they are going to work during the internship period. Based on Law No. 5510 (Article 87/paragraph e-f) on Social Security and General Health Insurance, [“the relevant higher education institution shall pay the insurance charges… for students who are obliged to do an internship”] BEU shall pay all due charges for the internship period.

Students are required to make sure that Internship Application Form is signed by the Head of Department after it is approved by the employer. Internship Application Form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office along with the photocopy of ID card 15 days before the internship period starts.

During the internship period, Internship Log Book must be filled completely. At the end of this period, employers are required to fill in the Intern Evaluation Form. Internship Log Book and Intern Evaluation Form, which is put in a sealed envelope, must be handed over to the Head of Department.