A Message from the Head of Department
Faculty of Arts and Sciences

A Message from the Head of Department

The aim of our department's undergraduate program is to determine the place of Turkish Language and Literature, which has a very old history, in the world languages and literatures and to raise individuals who contribute to the learning, teaching and development of Turkish Language and Literature resources. In this regard, our department has fulfilled its obligation of education and scientific research since its establishment.

Along with their field and specialty courses, our students also receive a versatile and multifaceted education with the courses taught by the experts of the fields such as editing, text writing, computer, and English. 

Our students receiving their Bachelor’s Degree may work as teachers at private schools, and public and cram schools regulated and overseen by the Turkish Ministry of Education, as text writers for radios, televisions or newspapers, or as editors with publishing houses. They may also work in libraries, museums, archives of the public or private institutions, and oversees education and culture organisations.

The medium of instruction is Turkish and the English Preparatory Programme is optional.

Asst. Prof. Hatice Aycan AYDOĞAN

Head of Department