Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Programme Outputs

KNOWLEDGE (Theoretical, Conceptual)

1. Possess advanced level theoretical and practical knowledge within the Mathematics.

SKILLS (Cognitive, Practical)

2. Adapt and use of advanced theoretical and practical knowledge within the Mathematics.

3. Define, evaluate and inerpret data by using acquired advanced knowledge and skills within the Mathematics.

4. Develop solutions based on research and proofs, analyze problems, by using scientific methods and techniques.

COMPETENCES (to Work Independently and Take Responsibility)

5. Conduct studies in Mathematics independently, Planning and managing activities towards the development of subordinates in the framework of a project. 

6. Take responsibility both as a team member and individually in order to solve complex problems faced within the Mathematics.

7. Contribute to decition making process within interdisciplinary problems.

COMPETENCES (Learning Competence)

8. Evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired at an advanced level in the field with a critical approach.

9. Determine learning needs and direct the learning, develop positive attitude towards lifelong learning.

COMPETENCES (Communication and Social Competence)

10. Inform people and institutions, transfer ideas and solution proposals to problems in written and orally on issues in the field.

11. Organize and implement project and activities for social environment with a sense of social responsibility.

12. Monitor the developments in the field and communicate with peers by using a foreign language at least at a level of European Language Portfolio B1 General Level.

13. Use informatics and communication technologies with at least a minimum level of European Computer Driving License Advanced Level software knowledge.

COMPETENCES (Field Specific Competence)

14. Act in accordance with social, scientific, cultural and ethic values on the stages of gathering, implementation and release of the results of data related to the field.

15. Possess sufficient consciousness about the issues of universality of social rights, social justice, quality, cultural values and also, environmental protection, labour and social security law.