Information About the Rules of Online Exams to be Administered Between 11 June 2020 and 21 June 2020
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Date: 27 May 2020

Information About the Rules of Online Exams to be Administered Between 11 June 2020 and 21 June 2020

  1. Final exams will take place between 11 June 2020 (starting at 08.00) and 21 June 2020 (ending at 23.59) and exam dates have been announced on the website can access the exams from this link: You can access both the Exam Information System and the Online Exam System with the same username and password as they use to access Student Information System (OBS).
  2. You need to log in to the exam system at least 24 hours before your exam in order to identify possible problems you may face and report those problems to us in advance.
  3. Once you have logged in to the system, you will see the list of the courses for which you need to take a final exam in the Spring Term of the Academic Year 2019-2020. On this screen, you can choose the relevant course and start the exam of that course.
  4. With regard to multiple choice exams, the exam will be accessible for 50 minutes but the exam duration (the time allowed for you to answer questions) will be limited to 35 minutes.
  5. With regard to exams with open-ended questions:
    - For 70-minute exams, the exam will be accessible for 70 minutes but you will have 50 minutes maximum to answer the questions.
    - For 120-minute exams, the exam will be accessible for 120 minutes but you will have 100 minutes maximum to answer the questions.
  6. - For projects, assignments, and/or take home exams, the submission time will be limited to 24 hours.
    - Projects and assignment submitted by any means (email, link, etc.) other than the exam system ( will not be evaluated.
  7. You can also access the submission date and time of projects, assignments, and/or take home exams from the course-related activities tab on the exam information system.
  8. If you cannot see the button “Sınavı Şimdi Uygula” (Start the Exam), it means that the exam has not started yet.
  9. You can access the exam during the period between exam start and end time.
  10. You can start the exam only once.
  11. You can see the remaining time for your exam on the screen during the whole exam.
  12. In the exam, there will be only one question and its options on each page.
  13. When you have continued to the next question after answering a question or leaving it blank, you cannot go back to the previous question due to exam safety precautions.
  14. You will not be penalised for wrong answers.
  15. If you try to have someone else sit for the exam or you sit for the exam for someone else, then your exam will be considered void and a disciplinary procedure will be initiated in compliance with Higher Education Institutions Student Disciplinary Regulations.
  16. If you experience a technical problem such as internet and/or power cuts, or device-related problems, you can log in to the system again until the exam end time, and continue your exam with the remaining time you have for the exam.The exam will be continuing during this time.
    Please note that it is the students’ responsibility to take necessary precautions.
  17. During the whole exam, you will see a warning: “After you have completed answering the questions, click on the button “Uygulamayı Bitir” (Finish the Exam) and then the button “Tümünü gönder ve bitir” (Submit all answers and finish) and you need to follow the instructions in the warning. If you choose to ignore the warning anyway, then you will not get a score for your exam.
  18. All activities of the participants accessing the exam system are logged (successful and/or unsuccessful logins and their causes, device information, IP information, scrolling through pages and questions, marked answers, and so on).
  19. There will be no make-up exam for those who did not take the exams between 11 June 2020 08.00 and 21 June 2020 23.59.
  20. You can access your exam results on Student Information System (OBS).
  21. We kindly ask you not to take the exams at the very last minute in order to prevent any unwanted consequences that may result from system overload.
  22. If you have any further questions or need support, you can visit the website your requests, you need to choose “Örgün Öğretim (Pusula)” (Formal Education Pusula) as the topic of your request and write your student number.If the area you need support for is not explained in detail or the student number is not written down in the request, then you will not get any support and the request will be closed.